We're passionate about quality, independent games. Released as a partnership, Depth marks our first self-published and developed title. The future holds even bigger things in store...

Dread Hunger

An 8 player game of survival and betrayal. Explorers path their ship through the unforgiving Arctic. Among the crew, two traitors call on dark powers to undermine them.
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“We are nearly through the passage, the storm bites at our heels, and the crew whispers of blood and dark magic.” – Captain’s Log April 1847

Survive the Arctic
Build fires to stay warm, fend off wolves and other predators, and hunt for food to stay alive in the brutal and unforgiving Canadian Arctic.

Betray Your Friends
Feed them tainted food, lure animals to attack them, hex them with blood magic, or if all else fails… just shoot them in the back.

You Are What You Eat
In the Arctic, you’ll have to make some grim choices to stay fed. Butcher bodies and use the pieces as weapons – or food.

Captain a Ship
Steer a 19th century warship around (or into) icebergs. Find coal for the ever-hungry boiler to keep the ship moving… or blow it up.

Brave a Perilous World
Plan around a full day and night cycle, contend with unexpected whiteouts, and try to outrun a massive blizzard that looms over the expedition.

Fortnite Creative

Going by the creator name "DiCo" we created two of the popular Search and Destroy maps during Fortnite's "Love and War" event.
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Search and Destroy LTMs

A spin on the classic attack and defend game, we developed the Search and Destroy experience using Fortnite Creative’s toolset and created two of three maps that released with the event.

Factory LTM

Fortnite Creative Search and Destroy Factory

Set in an abandoned Slurp Factory, this bright and colorful map was developed for close quaters combat with multiple attacking and defending spots. Island code: 1821-4783-3483

Streets LTM

Fortnite Creative Search and Destroy Streets

Set in a more gritty urban environment, this map opened up plenty of sniping opportunties, as well as allowing for fast paced flanking around the objectives.


Fortnite Creative Search and Destroy Compound

Released separately after the Love and War event, this military-themed map featured more verticality over buildings, offering more sneak attack opportunities! Island code: 8872-1154-7821

Search and Destroy Templates

Fortnite Creative Search and Destroy Template

Accompanying the release of our Search and Destroy maps, we also provided a template island so players could use our game logic to build their own Search and Destroy maps.

Squad Goals

Fortnite Creative Squad Goals

Released as part of Fortnite Creative’s Matchmaking portal, this game mode was designed to provide more sophisticated mechanics. Featuring unlockable weapons, a capture area and the ability to disable the enemy base’s defenses as the game progressed. Island code: 0395-7812-8052


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Last Tide

Last Tide is a battle royale shooter sending 100 divers to the depths of the ocean! Avoid bloodthirsty sharks, locate equipment, and do whatever it takes to be the last diver swimming!
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Vicious Sharks
Bloodthirsty sharks are constantly circling closer and closer! Prepare to be stalked by a variety of the deadliest shark species, forcing you to stay on the move or come face-to-face with their razor-sharp teeth.

Master the Depths
Master some of the world’s most lethal underwater firearms and utilize the unique freedom of underwater movement to become an elite diver! Employ cunning tactics to take down enemy divers in thrilling and intense combat.

Compete for Glory
Dive in alone or as a squad against other players in adrenaline filled matches to make your mark on the leaderboard! Challenge yourself to win against the odds by playing solo against other squads, or make yourself an easier target by finding and wearing the rare golden crown to earn bonus points!

Scavenge the Seas
Scavenge through aquatic environments like abandoned sea labs, sunken boats, beautiful reefs, and more to find the powerful gear required to take down your enemies!

Depth Charge Destruction
Avoid explosive depth charges dropping on the battlefield as they turn chaotic firefights into total mayhem!


Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth. Depth blends tension and visceral action as you team up against AI or be matched with other players in heart pounding combat.
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Play as a shark
As a twenty foot Great White Shark, speed and senses are your greatest weapons. Stalk your prey from across the ocean and tear them in half with your razor sharp teeth.

Play as a diver
As a human diver you must explore the abyss in search of treasure to upgrade your arsenal. Defend yourself with a range of high powered gear, from spearguns and pistols to underwater assault rifles and explosive sea mines.

Heart pounding atmosphere
Experience the dread that comes from swimming in the darkness of the ocean. Dynamic lighting and shadows create a unique and gut-wrenching atmosphere that will have you on edge from the moment you dive in.

Evolve your play style
Unlock exotic new weapons for your diver, or ‘evolutions’ for your shark that open up new tactical possibilities as you play the game. Persistent stat tracking and meaningful steam achievements will also give you something to shoot for (in some cases, quite literally!)

Practice offline with AI bots
Not feeling quite ready to plunge into online play? Depth allows you to hone your skills against some alarmingly clever AI enemies who can be configured in several modes of difficulty.