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Hai le capacità o l'esperienza adeguate e vuoi creare giochi di alta qualità collaborando con un team competente e innovativo?

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Abbiamo una passione per i giochi indipendenti e di alta qualità. Uscito come una collaborazione, Depth è il primo titolo che abbiamo pubblicato e sviluppato da soli. Con Last Tide torniamo nelle profondità. E chissà quali sorprese ci riserva il futuro...

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Siamo un'azienda specializzata nello sviluppo di videogiochi e siamo esperti nell'utilizzo degli Unreal Engine 3 e 4. Abbiamo pubblicato decine di titoli su Steam, PlayStation e Xbox. Abbiamo decenni di esperienza in tutte le aree di sviluppo dei giochi e ci concentriamo soprattutto sulla programmazione. Siamo pienamente in grado di implementare un intero gioco usando l'Unreal Engine su tutte le piattaforme su cui può essere utilizzato.

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Digital Confectioners receives investment from Tencent

Posted Set, 22/09/2022 - 9:38

Creators of Dread Hunger – New Zealand-based studio, Digital Confectioners, received a minority investment from Tencent, a world-leading technology company.

James Tan, Director at Digital Confectioners, is proud that more than a decade’s hard work has finally paid off.

“Our earlier success with Depth got us a foot in the door. Then our success with Dread Hunger really just proved what we’re capable of,” says Tan.

The studio’s latest release, Dread Hunger, is a multiplayer game of survival and betrayal.

Set in the 1840s, eight explorers seek safe passage through the Canadian Arctic, while two traitors work to sabotage the expedition by any means necessary.

The game reached number two on the Steam Global Top Sellers earlier this year, sitting there for two months while selling more than one million copies. Peak concurrent players for the game are more than 100,000 – making it one of the top 15 most played games on Steam.

Tan says this investment “will not change how the company operates”, but will “create a partnership, helping Digital Confectioners to achieve newer heights”.

“Tencent provided us with insights into the China market and how Dread Hunger hit the mark with players seeking a higher skill-cap gameplay compared to other social deception titles,

“We’re excited to see where this takes us and what it can enable us to do in future.

“It’s a huge step forward – allowing us to work on two new projects, as well as explore ways for the company to grow and evolve.”

For more information please contact:
Romy Gellen |

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Depth: Tails from the Void

Posted Ago, 11/08/2020 - 16:21

Tails from the Void

Beware – a unique and disturbing corruption appears to be spreading through the seas. Play in the Tails from the Void event to unlock alien themed rewards!

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Depth: Mutiny 2020

Posted Giu, 08/06/2020 - 11:38

Ahoy! Play in the Mutiny 2020 event to unlock pirate themed rewards!

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